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Sunday, September 6, 2009


I was sitting here with Ophelia as she fell asleep on me and spent a few moments remembering these types of moments with each of my babies. I wanted to write it down so that it doesn't get forgotten and this seemed like a good place.

Ophelia is a snuggler. She cuddles up with her face buried into your neck - she likes the feel of skin, not clothes. On me, she sticks her little hand under the collar of my shirt or into my cleavage (this can be a tad embarrassing). It is so lovely to be close and spend just a few minutes snuggling!

Keidis was also a snuggler, but less so than Ophelia. One of my favourite things about Keidis and sleeping at this age was that he was VERY easy to put to sleep when he got tired. It was quite hilarious actually. All you needed to do was get him settled on your lap, put a blanket over his head and he was out like a light. Literally, once the blanket was covering his face he was out. Thirty seconds flat!

Kaya was not really much of a snuggler, except when she was ready to nap. I recall her cuddling herself around my belly when I was pregnant with Keidis. She liked to lay ACROSS my belly, not up and down, and she was also very particular about where she put her hand. It went up my shirt from the bottom with her hand resting on the skin of my belly. I loved it, although it could also be quite embarrassing as well.

Oh how I love my babies.


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