the kenyons

Sunday, November 18, 2007

catching up

I will keep adding more to catch up!!

So this is a cake I made for a halloween party (saw it once made by Faith in T.O.). I have decided that I really enjoy making cakes and I am going to make a challenging cake once a month. Okay - by challenging, I mean hard for me :)

And below is the pictures of them taken after they have licked a beater with icing on it ...

Can you say sugar rush?

"More, pwease, MOM!"

pictures finally

Here are some pictures at long last!

This is Kaya and Keidis dancing to Raffi or Disney or some other equally exciting music - this is one of our favourite past times.

And obviously having a good time :)

This is the Sonics game mentioned in the previous post ... I forgot about the camera until it was over! So the players are gone and the fans are almost gone - oops!!

This is Kaya the witch (for the second year in a row) and Keidis as "Sukerman!" (as he says).

I bet you didn't know that Superman wears a black and orange witch hat as part of his superhero outfit ...

More later.

busy busy times

So we have been quite busy the last little while ... some fun things we hae done

- went to granville island to explore the kids zone (kinda like Chuck E Cheese with a big climbing gym), the local art scene (lots of fun shops with handmade goodies, art, sculpture, etc, and chased pigeons - Kaya was amazed that she could walk toward them and they would just move out of the way and she would just be surrounded "Look, Mom, they make room for me!!" said full of glee!

- continued to go to Kaya's ballet classes where she is the life of the class, of course!

- Mike and I went on a date to the Seattle Supersonics home opener, they played Phoenix Suns and Steve Nash had a great game as he of course was one of the reasons we went down there - how can you be so close to where Nash is playing and not go see him, thinks Mike! Nash posted a double double with 18 points, 13 assists and 7 rebounds. What a guy! Actually, he is quite amazing to see in person BUT he needs a haircut, again! It was actually really fun and we will be heading down again this year to see them play - apparently they are leaving Seattle soon, so we have to take it in while we can. Big thanks to Mike's sister for watching our kidlets so we could have a great time!!

- we just got a new minivan - I have officially become a minivan mom - it was bound to happen. It is really nice and easy to get in and out of and Kaya really loves that one of the sliding doors on the side is a power door, so it opens and closes with the push of a button - her jaw drops every time it happens.

these are some good highlights of the last 3 weeks, the bad include: all of us down with a cold, then the stomach flu (only 24 hours in and out), and now Mike has some sort of lung infection, but it has mostly been good and we are surviving.

I have been trying to put up pics from our camera (I am working on our Mac and haven't yet figured out all the intricacies of it yet) - so I am going to post this and try again from our PC.