the kenyons

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

stinky cheese

we are getting sick of winter!! I realized that I have now had 6 months of winter, meaning that there are only 6 months left for the other three seasons ... how depressing! We are hoping to get out of here though in May and head to somewhere childless and hot! Keep your fingers crossed.

As a little insight into the world of Kaya ... lately she has been dressing up and then waving her wand and turning us all into "stinky cheese" ... I am not sure where this has come from or how she thought it up, but it is really quite hilarious. I spend most of my days either as Mama Sharpteeth (from Land Before Time) or as stinky cheese. What a world I live in :)

Here is a picture of Mama Sharpteeth and Big Girl Sharpteeth (Keidis is Baby Sharpteeth and, of course, Mike is Daddy Sharpteeth).

And here is the biggest eater ever!! Wait until he is a teenager!!

2 plates of lasagna later ...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ok ... so life is not all that bad. When I begin to get discouraged, something good happens to remind me that things are all right.

This morning I saw the most gorgeous sunrise ... reds, yellows, pinks and purples through a haze ( I try to forget that the haze comes from the 2 mills in town!) and I realized that we don't live in such a bad place ... it is warming up and the snow is melting (literally melting INTO our addition, we have a sled catching the water in there right now) and with the daylight savings time change, it is actually feeling a bit like spring. There is life after winter!!

Here is a picture of the Kaya and Keidis playing dress up ... we have to get some boy dress up clothes :)
At least they play well together MOST of the time!

Friday, March 9, 2007

what a day!!

So you know how you once in a while, you have a day that you know is going to be really busy and you know that every thing needs to go just right to make it work? yeah, we just had one of those days ... And you know how on those days, something ALWAYS goes wrong? yeah ....

So yesterday we had mike's work 8-4:30, during which time I was scheduled to go to the park and do some work at home on the computer. then he needed to be picked up and taken to a heart and health fair to staff the mental health booth (as the expert, not the example :) ). During which time I had to take back the library books we had out, and prep for Cubs that night (yes that is right ... right now i am the temporary Akela for our Cub pack at church!) and then swing back and pick him up at 6:40 so I could get to cubs at 7. Then I would leave early (7:50) so he could have a teleconference with some church leaders in Edmonton at 8. sometime in there, the kids needed what they always need, play time, cuddle time, food and naps and bedtime.

So not a lot of room for error. Well ... first thing ... at 6 am, the kids crawled into bed with us to wake us up. in jockeying for position, Keidis poked Kaya in the eye with his toe. This turned out not to be a little toe-poke ... he had actually scratched her eyeball with his toenail. So much of the day was spent consoling Kaya with her puffy, red, swollen eye as we went to the doctor to diagnose her "corneal abrasion", got some antibiotic eye cream (try to get that in there 3 times a day for 7 days) and an eye patch. Great. so we tried the pirate thing, but she didn't want to be a pirate, we drew a picture on the front of the patch ... no deal. It eventually came off and has since stayed off.

When we dropped Mike off at the fair, we went in for a few minutes ... and stayed for longer than anticipated, because a lot of the staff at the fair were mike's colleagues and they were in essence baby-sitting our "gorgeous children" (picture lots of cheek-pinching). At the fair, Keidis was climbing under tables and chairs and ended up with a black eye (which conveniently matches the other one he has from last week).

Coming back to pick up Mike, I was in a rush and carrying Keidis down our front steps, when I slipped and landed smack on my bottom. I am fine despite my bruised ego, elbow and bottom. Unfortunately, when I fell, Keidis' foot hit a stair and got hurt. It wasn't until he woke at 10 pm crying and grabbing his now swollen and red foot that we realized something was really wrong. We iced it and gave him Motrin and went back to bed, as emerg at midnight is never fun. This morning we had xrays and his little foot "could possibly have a broken bone, there is no clear picture of a broken bone, but one of the bones appears to be a bit misshapen and out of place." The good news is that since he is so young, the joints and bones have yet to fuse and so it will heal quickly and on its own with no consequence later on. I am to let him do what he normally does, because babies (unlike adults) won't walk on it and use it if it hurts and is not ready. BUT that means I am not to give him pain relievers to dull the pain because we want him to rest it, which he will only do if he can feel it!!!! AAGGHH!!

Great! Could it get any better? The good news really is that Kaya's eye is looking much better and that it is Friday and it is sunny and it is 9 degrees (that is above 0)!!! Wahoo! so today I am relaxing with my kidlets, waiting for Mike to come home so we can have a good weekend, without doing anything to strenuous for Keidis' foot. I have no pictures to post today, although one of the ladies at mike's office did take one yesterday of my children "groping" the display at the breast cancer booth. She plans to put it in the staff bulletin as blackmail for mike ... some on-going joke at work. But I will not be posting that one. :)

Anyway, we are doing well and hope you all are too!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

we will try it out

So in an effort to better communicate and maybe share photos better, we will be trying to keep this current and updated.

Check back regularly to see pics and blogs about the ever-exciting kenyon family :)

the weather

So flurries are predicted AGAIN! I think it has snowed every night for the last month.

I have learned a few things about living in the snow and cold.

1. When it is -22 outside and you are all sitting breathing hot air inside the car, the windows fog up. Fairly normal and expected. However, it is when you go to wipe away the fog on the windows that you discover the unexpected, it freezes on the inside. So now, you have to use the ice scraper for the INSIDE of your windows!!

2. When you open your car door on a particularly windy and snowy day, the wind can sometimes blow snow onto your dash. Not a big deal. BUT ... when you turn on your defrost, the snow starts blowing all over your car and now you are not only scraping your windows from the inside, but you have your own personal snow storm inside the car.

3. Three and a half feet of snow in your yard does not melt at all even when it is +11 degrees outside.

So there are my lessons about the snow. Can you tell I am ready for spring?

So the kids are really up to their waists
and they are still not touching the ground.

This shovel is 4 feet tall!!