the kenyons

Sunday, February 1, 2009

a tea party

Kaya got a tea set for Christmas, so a few weeks ago, we had a family tea party with fresh baked bread (in my NEW bread machine - rice/quinoa bread [gluten-free] for the allergies around here) and some hot chocolate - yum yum!!!

(Kaya was slightly excited, can you tell?)

Come by for a tea party anytime!!!

Fea - 10 months

Keidis has pronounced Ophelia "Fea" since day one. It has become her official unofficial nickname. The big news is that Ophelia walks - she started 5 days before she turned 10 months and hasn't looked back. She also FINALLY got some teeth - she started teething 2 weeks ago and has now cut the front four since then. I wondered if she would ever get them!!! She continues to be a delight and we love having her around - she is so fiesty and knows what she wants, when she wants it ... and makes sure Kaya and Keidis don't invade her personal space too much! These pictures are after a busy day fort-making when all the blankets, pillows, and stuffies were in a pile ~ all around her!