the kenyons

Thursday, May 31, 2007

just to clarify

just wanted to note that i think the lake (in the post below) which is near us is very beautiful. The "ugghh" was for the fact that there was ice on it in May. yuck!! - i do appreciate the beauty of it - just didn't want y'all to think that I am ungrateful for the beauteous surroundings :)

more odds and ends

This is what the lake looks like up here at the beginning of May ... ugghh!! We went for a weiner roast with some other families at Carson Pegasus (a park where you can camp on the lake and have fires and fish and stuff - fun).
I have more to post of this and also of the trip we just took, but blogger is having trouble uploading pics. and since i don't have all day just to sit around and wait for it ... i will have to come back later.

odds and ends

So it has been a while ...

here are some more of kaya's birthday pics, just randoms ...

Here are some make-up dos and don'ts by kaya:

adventures with cheetos and lip gloss

and this is what happens when she has been way too quiet in the bathroom. She came out saying, I got dirty, I got dirty. I asked her how and she turned around and said "mom's makeup" and there it was!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Kaya's 4th birthday

So we had our dinosaur party. It was great fun! We made dino egg invites - I will post a picture of those in a bit. We had a pink little foot cake (from Land Before Time) as per Kaya's request. She made her guest list. My Cub pack had made pinatas last week, so we made little paper mache dino egg with small dinosaurs inside. Then the kids who came painted them and did some colouring. We opened the gifts, had some lunch and broke a big dinosaur egg pinata - the party was on May 5th after all - which is Cinco de Mayo - you really have to have the pinata. Here are some pics.

Keidis helping to open presents.

Pink Little Foot Cake - made mostly by Karyn Butler, assisted by me.

Here are the kids colouring, waiting for the hot dogs. She invited Beth, Sarah, and Brittney Butler, Alaina Kuehn, Lincoln Jones, and Jayne Vos (and Ashley and Sammy who couldn't come).
Kaya's presents.

Kaya loves her cake.
Here's Kaya swiping at the pinata - I had to put some tape on it so the weight of the treats wouldn't tear through the egg. That's what I get for having eight-year old boys make my pinata (oh those cubs - yes, I am a cub leader - Akela actually!)
And here is Mike taking a break after putting the new swing set together - thanks to granddaddy we now have something to do in our back yard. It is so exciting!!
That's all for now!
Oh yeah, by the way, it snowed on May 4th - did I mention how much I love long winters?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

play time

So here are a few pics of Kaya and Keidis playing in the sun! Today it is 12 degrees Celcius (for my US friends) and so we have been walking and riding bikes and doin gall sorts of fun outdoor things. The only toys we have right now are the balls you see in the pictures and shovels and rakes with which I pretend to tend the grass and garden spots - I am suppose to be gettng them ready for planting (which doesn't take place up here until the May long weekend).

Keidis likes to sit on the potty on a regular basis, could he be telling me something? I am not ready, but maybe he is ... it will have to wait until after our vacation!