the kenyons

Friday, July 10, 2009


Ok - so we are 28 weeks now and haven't really announced it anywhere ... so here it is, we are having a BABY!
I plan for this to be the last :)
Here is the ultrasound ... these are probably the worst quality of the 4 kids so far and didn't really show a whole lot, but here they are:

I think the top right was to show the spine, the bottom left the hand and the bottom right is the profile.
We are due Oct 6, according to the ultrasound and are counting down as we just hit the last trimester!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

our action-packed summer

Ok, so I will post some pics from the last few months gradually ...
it is not the camera that is dead, it is the rechargeable batteries, so I just need to remember to buy some new ones ...
anyway, summer is officially here, it is hot out, kaya is out of school, I am no longer doing my SelfDesign work (even though I work from home and pick my own hours and all that, it takes a toll, you know??) and so we are free as birds!

Kaya has decided that we are going to be busy busy busy and I really want to get out and play with the kids, so we have set a little schedule for ourselves, plus we have lots of fun activities planned:

- granddaddy enrolled kaya and keidis into day camps (2 weeks worth) so we have those spread out through the summer ... I opted to have them in separate weeks so I could have some one-on-one (well along with Ophelia who is always around!) with each of them.
- Mike has a flex day (meaning a day off) every other Monday, so when Kaya is in day camp, he will take Keidis out for a day (to Science World, Aquarium, Granville Island, etc) and then when Keidis is in camp, he will take Kaya ... some valuable unstructured, full-access daddy time!!!
- we are going to go camping at mike's mom's place on the August long weekend.
- we have memberships to Science World and will hit that a few times.
- Our Parks and Rec guide has tons of free stuff going on, so we will be going on several of those outings, including the Surrey Nature Centre, Surrey Museum, Historic Stewart Farmhouse, and lots of library programs.
- we live right near the beach, the mountains, and the forests, so I am hoping to get to several beaches and parks in the area this year, including Centennial Beach, White Rock and Crescent Beach, maybe Kits or one of the West Van beaches, Stanley Park, Peace Arch Park, Crescent Park, Grouse Mountain or Seymour, etc
- there is a weekly playgroup with some ladies at church on Tuesday mornings at homes or spray parks.
- there is a spray park up the street with a massive playground and we will be meeting some of Kaya's kindergarten friends there regularly.
- the library has storytimes on Friday for all ages and so we will go to that each week.

phew!! it sounds busy, but I think we will have LOTS of fun and I will be able to just enjoy my kids :)

your blogs

ok - so if you blog and you read my blog, could you send me your blog website to my email?

Our hard drive crashed a while ago and as I am finding out all the things I am missing, one of them is my list of bookmarks, including the blogs I follow! I put them in a different place this time, so I won't lose them, but please, there are some of you out there who I have lost and would like to find :)