the kenyons

Sunday, July 22, 2007

running through the sprinkler

The kids pool and sprinkler have been our favourite things lately, beside the riverslide (a manmade waterslide that resembles a slow rapid river that the kids tube down - we love that! I will take my camera next time we go).

I will take more of these. They love it - we got a Discovery Toys frog from Grandma Ann that shoots water and balls and we have so much fun - usually Mike and I end up way more wet when we are playing with the kids.

fun family home evenings

So we have been doing some fun things for FHE. We have gone bike riding (we got Keidis a trike at a garage sale), gone to the park and Dairy Queen, gone to the lake. We made masks one night and then they wouldn't put them on. I was very sad because every time I got one on one of them, the other would have theirs taken off. What a gong show! Eventually they did and I got my one picture.

Here we are making popcorn balls that smell so sweet. Actually, here I am making them and here they are eating them :)

We love our family time on Monday nights!

the weather

So I have complained about the long winters, but I love the summers. Hot is good after 8 months of snow drifts. I also love the thundershowers. Usually. I have to admit that some of them have been so huge and close that I have been a little scared. We are apparently in tornado country and there was one a while ago 2 hours south of us and we had CRAZY weather because of it. Here is the rain coming down about a month ago. It showered like this everyday for all of June.

Oh! You can't even see how hard it is raining. Look carefully! It seriously was raining so hard it knocked down our garbage cans. I was not going out to rescue them.

The only other problem with long winters, wet springs and hot summers is the BUGS!!! and apparently Kaya reacts hugely!

This is about a minute after the mosquito got her on her inner thigh (I know because I got the mosquito).

it's been a while

So we have been very busy! at the beginning of June, we went down to Lethbridge for Tamsen's daughter's blessing. The kids had fun playing with cousin Aiden and the family out in Raymond at Mike's dad's house.

It had been a lot of driving for the kids (and us) as we had only just got back from our trip to Vancouver and Mexico, so the kids had had it! They still managed to smile for us though!

Here is Keidis in Aiden's cowboy hat - note the fan - it has been SO hot here!

We have loved the time we have spent with family and friends in the past couple months.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

no time

i just wanted to up-date you all that we are doing fine, having fun in the sun and are keeping busy ... so busy that i haven't got pics up yet on teh blog, but I will shortly!!