the kenyons

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

We went on Kaya's first field trip to the Aldor Acres Pumpkin patch. Kaya's good friend Gracie came in our car with her mom and I also brought Keidis and Ophelia. We gathered in the front, entered and got on the tractor hay ride to take us to the field. We picked our pumpkins (which we carved Halloween night and I forgot to take pictures of them) ... the pumpkins had to be a size so that the kids could carry it all the way back to the tractor and lift it up on to the tractor in order for them to keep it ... Kaya picked the biggest one she could manage, by was she struggling! But she wouldn'tgive up and came home with a Mama-sized pumpkin :) Keidis' was nice and dainty, just right for him :) Afterwards, we went to the petting zoo - oh what fun!

On the Hay Ride with Gracie!


This is my first experiment with fondant:

Made this for Thanksgiving Day with Mike's sisters and family.
Not bad for my first go!

ABDC tour

I went with Emily Leavitt and Candise Christensen to America's Best Dance Crew's Tour in October. It was SO AWESOME! In my secret life, I have always wanted to be a B-Girl and so it has become a bit of an obsession of mine ... I watch how-to vids on youtube at home all the time and then practice ... so my children think that dancing consists of stalls and breakdancing :) I am sad and pathetic and I act like I am 12, but it is so much fun!

This is part of the Mamalicious Crew representin' on the block ... as you can see, I have challenges with my hardcore face!!! I practice that too :)
This is the first stall we learned (thanks Jenn Vanderhaegan Merrill) for teaching me this one way back in the day!

This is the Mamalicious Crew on Halloween, Jabbawockeez style (they are the BEST crew ever from ABDC!!!!)

Now to pictures/video from the event :)
This first one is Jabbas - notice the boy band tribute in the middle :) also the lights made it hard for the camera to keep focused. And some times Candise got a bit excited and the camera started shaking!!!

And here we are on Thanksgiving Day(leaving all our families behind to go to a dance concert and scream like we are 15!

Representin'!! (I am looking slightly more hardcore here!)

Mid-scream :)