the kenyons

Thursday, June 28, 2007

funny things we say

My camera batteries are dead and I have been meaning to charge them for weeks ... i am putting them in the charger as we speak ... instead, I will tell you some of the funny things we have heard in our house.

So we are trying to establish some independence in Kaya - she has always been super independent, but she has this issue with the "potty". So she CAN go all by herself, but everytime she has to go, she wants one of us to "help" her. This consists of her doing it all and either Mike or I watching - basically keeping her company. It is a bit frustrating as I know she can do it all alone!!! The other day I was making meatballs and so my hands were gooey up to the elbows (I am not the neatest chef) and she had to go. I convinced her that I couldn't go because of the raw meat all over me and so she would have to go alone ... "Okay" she says - I thought "Wow, that was easy". She immediately turns around and grabs Keidis and says "You can help me!" Kind of defeats the purpose, but I thought it was cute!! I did have to go in though when I heard her say "Okay, Keidis, here's the toilet paper, you can wipe my bum." AAGGHHH!!!

Another sweet thing was when we were about to have our weekly Family Home Evening last Monday, Kaya was having a bit of a temper tantrum ... I can't remember why she was so upset, I just know she was. When it was time to say the prayer, she said "Please help me not to be cranky and for mama to have a patient time." So sweet!!

Anyway, it is always fun!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

me - hee - co

Wahoo! We had a blast out in Mexico. We went to Vancouver on Friday May 11th, stayed at Mike's sister Jen's house with her family. Our kids had great fun playing with their kids. Mike attended a workshop for work their on the "Co-Morbidity of Anxiety and Depression" - whatever that is. We had wonderful visits with my dad and family, my brother and his girlfriend, who is so much fun - i really like her, and my way back roommates, Heidi and Sarah. It was so nice to be able to visit.

Mike's other sister Tricia took the kids while we were in Mexico. We left on Wed morning and came back Monday night. While Trish worked, my mom in Parksville looked after the kids. My children didn't even notice we were gone. Until we came back of course!

Then we headed to Vancouver Island so we could do a lot of visiting. Fun times! There is something about that place ...

Anyway, here are some pics that we have from our stay just outside Puerto Vallarta, at the Royal Decameron All-inclusive. So fun! (the comments on the pics are below them)
This is the view of the adult pool from our room - that is right, no children allowed, just what the doctor ordered.

Somewhere in this picture there is a lizard about a foot and a half long, it is like Where's Waldo? can you see it? they are great in camo!

I was worried our camera wouldn't do justice to the colour of these flowers, but they were truly this vibrant! (just a little out of focus)
Sunsets over the palapas.

The night sky from our room looking toward the little fishing village of Bucerias.
These trees have branches that grow right into the ground. And I forced Mike to pose.

And here we are. Happy and tanned (a little pink actually) and well rested (and truth be told, missing our kids quite a bit) on our last day there.