the kenyons

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just some random stuff

I thought I would post some of the pics sitting on our hard drive.

This one is of Kaya and Keidis with Mike's Grandpa. We went to visit him just before Christmas. Nice to connect and I think, although he doesn't say much, that he likes seeing the grandkids. Note the smile on Keidis' face - he is pulling this one these days whenever you say "SMILE"!

This was taken the same day, it is so sweet! They are getting so big! Can you believe I register Kaya in Kindergarten tomorrow! My first baby going off to school :S not sure how I feel about that. I told her she could stay home with me and we could homeschool - she promptly put her hands on her hips and told me "Mom, you can't make me stay home!!" So I guess it will be off to kindie in September!

Here is a cake I decorated, from a Kraft magazine - don't look too carefully at the lines, they are NOT straight! One cake a month for practice - I am sure to get better eventually :

Anyway, that is all for now. I will be posting more shortly. Got my FLIP video camera and am hoping to post some vids in a few days!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Uhhh ... has Christmas already passed?

So here are the kidlets in front the EVER-CHANGING TREE ... They helped decorate, we put all the breakable ornaments up high and the rest down low. Every day the ornaments down low change places ... sometimes all the bears are together, all the balls, all the snowmen, etc, ... sometimes all the red ones are together, the green, the blue ... sometimes they are on the tree skirt having tea parties or playing at the park ... it changes every day! You might notice the big gap in the branches just above Kaya's head ... that has been fixed several times, but the tree has actually fallen down about 3 times and I just got tired of re-fluffing our out-of-the-box tree every time it came down due to excessive pulling on an ornament!!

They are in their Christmas eve jammies (we open our jammies on Christmas eve and read the Nativity story in them before bed time).

Here are Daddy and kids in front of the fireplace - all in Christmas jammies ...

And just a few pics of the present opening ...

updates on my challenge

Here are some views of the areas I have successfully cleaned up and sorted through!!

Here is the top of the fridge!! (see the post below for the messes formerly on there!)

Here is the window between the kitchen and living room ... I put little candles there to remind us not to put stuff there.

Here is one bookshelf - again, don't forget to look down below to see my improvements!

Here is the craft shelf ...

And the three bookshelves that are all together ...

I also have done the desk, but forgot to take pics of it. Really, the only thing left is the top of the desk and the sewing/project/craft table and we are DONE!!! Wahoo! ten minutes a day makes a huge difference!