the kenyons

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One reason I LOVE the coast!!

Ok - so this is about 4 months late, these pictures were taken at the end of March! I absolutely LOVE spring on the coast ... I have 3 favourite types of trees (wierd, I know!) and 2 of them are my favourite because of their blossoms in the spring -

the magnolia tree has really large gorgeous flowers ... you can't really see them in the picture, but they are about the size of my hand.
and of course the cherry blossom tree with its delicate little buds.
There is something I love so much about the shape of this tree - I just can't explain it!

Bon Voyage Tamsen and John

In July, we said goodbye for at least 4 years to Mike's sister Tamsen and her family.

John is starting dental school in Boston and so they will be on the east coast for quite some time. We had a family gathering with Mike's other sisters, Jen and her family and Trish.

For some reason I didn't take any photos of Tam and John, but we did manage to get one of the cousins. It will be good to get another photo of all the cousins the next time we are all together to see the changes!

For my cake of the month, I made a tooth cake since John is going to be a dentist!

We wish you luck and we will miss you all. And Happy Birthday to Tamsen and a Happy Anniversary to Tam and John too!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy 30th Uncle Peter

This is a shout out to my little brother ... he turned 30 last week!!! Uncle Peter is the third in an illustrious line of Uncle Peters. Here he is with his niece and nephew.

They really love spending time with him and talk about him often ...

Peter is over 6 feet tall and this is wonderful to Kaya. She is always talking to Mike (who is NOT over 6 feet tall) about it ...

"Daddy, Uncle Peter is MUCH bigger than you."

"Daddy, Uncle Peter is very strong, right? Stronger than you."

"Daddy, maybe one day you can grow up to be as big as Uncle Peter."

"Daddy, Uncle Peter is a giant ... and you are not."

And one day we were talking about ants carrying pieces of food and how, compared to their body size, it was like us lifting cars ...

Mom: Do you think I could lift a car?

Kaya: NOOOO! (laughing) But Daddy could ...

Mom: No, not even Daddy can, one person can't lift a car, they are too heavy.

Kaya: Oh, well then, Uncle Peter can for sure!!!

It is a good thing Daddy has a well-developed sense of self :)
In all seriousness, we love you little brother and are very proud of you!! Happy 30th!!!