the kenyons

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shopping on

Ok - Kaya loves to play the computer and recently she has really enjoyed I DO NOT LIKE Almost all the games are about looking good, getting ready for a night on the town, do my makeup and my hair, and the music is so utterly annoying!!! Anyway, the other day we were talking to Kaya about and encouraging her to play other kids sites instead. This is how it went ...

Kaya: why don't you like

Mike: well, all the games are about how you look and about changing clothes and hair and makeup and body size to look good, and we don't want you to think that those things are the most important things.

Kaya: Oh Dad, I don't listen to Barbie, I am happy with how I look and with my body size!

Did I mention that Kaya is the queen negotiator? She listens to my arguments and then makes logical suggestions to get around them!

Anyway, so I still don't like the incessant music on, but she does play it occasionally since she continues to ensure me that she doesn't think it matters how you look.
So today we were logged on to looking some things up. Then Kaya got on the barbie site and was playing away. Later in the day, Mike checked his email and got one from saying "thanks for your order". After checking with me to see what I ordered (Nothing!!!), he went in and found out that there was a Surf's Up Barbie ordered for 18 dollars and she is due to arrive in 2 days (prime fast shipping was selected, luckily for free). So Mike called Kaya over and asked her if she was looking at this barbie, and she said "yes, I was trying to print it." She somehow managed to order the barbie from the site through our account, which was still logged in and has a credit card on file. She has NO IDEA that this is coming in the mail! Mike tried to cancel it and it said that since it was superduper fast shipping, we can't cancel the order. Looks like I know what Kaya is getting for Christmas this year!!! Well, actually, we may try to return it since we can buy the same doll for $5.99 at Toys R Us! We have been laughing all night about it. The moral of the story is to make sure you ALWAYS log off of