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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She Rolled!

Mike was cleaning the toy room with Kaya and Keidis while Ophelia was laying on the floor on her back. Kaya and Keidis were helping Mike put videos back on the shelf and Ophelia was just wiggling and talking on the floor.  Mike turned his back on her and while Kaya was watching, she rolled herself from back to front!  Kaya was VERY excited, Mike turned around and there she was on her belly! Hurray!

**note: I did wonder if Kaya had rolled her, but Mike said she was right in the same place handing him vids when it happened!**

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Ballet Birthday

So Kaya wanted a ballet party for her birthday - "no boys cause ballet is just for girls, mom!".

We created these lovely invites - notice her printing and help ... I really had to let go of my need for the perfect cute invite ... and now when I look at them, I think they are perfect!!

notice the IMVITED :)

The back said "you are invited to a ballet birthday for Kaya Kenyon on May 3rd at Kenyon Dance Studio (with our address and a clever description of activities). Please RSVP to Nikki (head instructor)."

We had ballerina cake (which I made!) and made tutus and danced and played hard for 2 hours. Here is the final picture of all the ballerinas ... note the little one in the black leotard!

Left to right: Keidis, Janae (from downstairs), Isabella Officer, Kaya the birthday ballerina, Sarah MacDonald, and Emma Rolfson.

ophelia - 2 and 3 months

at 2 months:

at 3 months:

This is our girl - she is so sweet and so happy ... she rarely cries, just giggles and grins. I call her my sweet pea and that is truly what she is! In fact, when she wakes in the morning - she doesn't cry, she just wiggles and grunts until I come in and then I get this beautiful smile!!! We are SO glad to have her in our family!

ophelia pics - one month

Here are some pics of our youngest beauty ...
At one month:

At 6 weeks:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

i am working on it.

Just wanted to let you know that I am working on posting some pictures.  The camera has been in the van for the last couple weeks and now that I finally went to get it, the batteries are dead.  Thanks for you patience - just to preview, I have some of Kaya's ballerina birthday (with Keidis in a tutu), and of course pics of our sweet Ophelia - who just hit 3 months old!!! 

thanks for your patience :) who knew having 3 kids would keep us SO busy - HA!